• Oppose TEP's

    Anti-Solar Proposal!

    Contact the Arizona Corporation Commission

  • Make your voice heard at the Arizona Corporation Commission now and on June 26th.

    Time is running out to speak out against TEP's attack on solar.

    TEP wants to make solar on peoples’ homes and businesses much more costly! How are they

    doing this? By reducing the amount solar homeowners receive when they send (export) power

    to TEP, adding on new solar-specific monthly charges of at least $25/month, and increasing the

    customer and meter charges. It’s a double whammy that will reduce access to solar for all TEP




    Monday, June 26th

    9AM Rally -Bring your signs

    10AM Public Comment - Show your support for solar


    400 W. Congress, Tucson

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    JUNE 26: ACC Public Comment Hearing

    ACC Tucson

    536 N 4th Ave, Tucson

    Begins at 10am

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    MAY 7: TEP’s Solar Charges

    Recording: Listen to the Special Telephone Town Hall with Former ACC Commissioner Kris Mayes and Former State Representative Victoria Steele.

    Listen to the Live recording and take action!

  • About TEP's Proposal

    TEP is proposing an additional $25 to $30 in monthly charges for new solar customers, in addition to a reduction in the export credit for solar energy.


    This monthly charge would be based on the size of a customer’s solar system: $3.50 per kilowatt installed. The average customer has a 7 kilowatt system, or $24.50 a month, plus TEP has proposed doubling a meter fee, from $2.05 today to $4.32. This proposal is in addition to implementing a December 2016 decision by the Arizona Corporation Commission to eliminate net metering for solar customers, which alone will greatly impact solar customer savings and, ultimately, solar jobs.

    If approved, TEP's solar penalty would:

    1. Limit Arizonans' ability to choose solar energy.

    2. Ignore the compromise set forth by the Arizona Corporation Commission in the Value of Solar decision last December.

    3. Punish solar customers with high, unjustified charges.

    4. Send a clear signal to the growing solar industry that Arizona is closed for business.

    5. Reward TEP for attacking customer choice and competition.

  • The Solar Opportunity

    Arizona families, schools, churches and businesses that make investments in rooftop solar provide a wide range of benefits to the economy and the grid. By generating power where it’s needed, rooftop solar reduces overall demand, the need for costly investments in new generation capacity, and electrical losses (Click to read more).


    Rooftop solar is also a powerful jobs generator. Today, nearly 209,000 Americans work in solar. In 2016, one out of every 50 new jobs in the American economy was in solar.


    In order to benefit from rooftop solar and attract job growth in the state, Arizona needs would support competitive energy choice, innovation, and fair solar policies -- not penalize solar customers.


    Make Your Voice Heard

    1. Send your comment to the ACC.

    Regulators need to hear from you!

    Click this link to comment via the ACC website. 


    Please reference these docket numbers when submitting comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission:



    2. Ask your representatives to take a stand!

    Ask local Tucson leaders to represent you and speak out.

    Click this link to email your City Council and find your state representative here.

    3. Attend the Public Hearing | Save the Date, June 26th!

    And spread the word.


    Questions? Please contact info@allianceforsolarchoice.com

    Docket #:



    Please reference these docket numbers when submitting comments to the Arizona Corporation Commission.


    June 26th Public Hearing Information:

    The Commission will hold a Public Comment Meeting on Phase 2 issues beginning June 26, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., at the Commission’s offices, Room 222, 400 West Congress, Tucson, Arizona, 85701.


    How to submit a public comment:

    Written public comments may be submitted by mailing a letter referencing Docket Nos. E-01933A-15-0322 and E-01933A-15-0239 to Arizona Corporation Commission, Consumer Services Section, 1200 West Washington, Phoenix, AZ 85007, or by emailing mailmaster@azcc.gov. To use an online form visit http://eservice.azcc.gov/Utilities/PublicComment. If you require assistance, you may contact the Consumer Services Section at 1-800- 222-7000 or (520) 628-6550.



  • Tucson Area Lawmakers Urge Corporation Commission to Reject Tucson Electric Power’s Attempt to Shut Down Rooftop Solar

    Lawmakers in southern Arizona are asking the Arizona Corporation Commission to reject Tucson Electric Power’s attempts to stifle energy choice and competition by imposing fees on rooftop solar customers.

    Read the full letter here: